Nova Scotia is a destination for couples from other provinces, Americans and Europeans.

The rugged Maritime beauty is highly desired by romantic couples from all over.

Travel to Europe or warm points south like the Caribbean for Destination Weddings?

I love Destination Weddings!

Ireland is an example of a Wedding Destination for many people as they return to their families or ancestors or just want to experience the natural and historic romance of that ancient land.  Many Canadian and American couples are comfortable hearing my Canadian accent and like dealing with someone familiar on such an intimate day.

Coole Park near Gort in County Galway is an excellent backdrop for wedding pictures

I am also quite comfortable shooting in the UK and Continental Europe, and in the winter months, warmer spots such as Spain, the Canaries, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Turks & Caicos.  When you book me, plan on me throwing in extra shoots for your 'Morning in Havana', or sunset Trash/Rock the Dress, etc.  Contact me with your dates as I have many other bookings in the off season.  I don't shoot shoot destination weddings in other countries during the local wedding season (May-October).

Golden light, perfect for warm shots of romantic couples on a Nova Scotian beach


Concerning fees - I do expect to have my trip paid for.  Although keep in mind, I certainly do not need to be there for a whole week.  If it saves you money, just have me there for 4 days or so.  Concerning my shooting fees, there is no increase, since it is in the off-season.

If you’d like to know more about my experiences shooting destination weddings and how I can be a great addition to your big trip, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sunset after a wild weather day at Queensland Beach, near Hubbards, Nova Scotia

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