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Brooding Actor in front of rail carriage


Unit Stills images record every stage of the Motion Picture, Television or Documentary production so that the marketing teams will have images to promote the film, helping the Publicity department bring a production to market with interest and momentum.

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Film set by a railway carriage with a soundman in the distance holding a boom microphone.


Colour palette, lighting, set design, propping, costume design, hair and make-up are all important ‘signature’ aspects of any film production. Art Department photos help keep track of the important clues that flesh out the story captured on film.

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Former Irish PM Bertie Ahern at the Galway Film Fleadh


Excitement can be infectious; and advantageous!

Annual festivals like Cannes, TIFF, Berlin, the Galway Film Fleadh, the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival (AIFF) in Halifax and Kerry Film Fest are events for filmmakers to celebrate their work, network to enhance their distribution and future projects as well as cinephiles to immerse themselves in their favourite art-form.

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Pierre Trudeau


Whether ‘made’ in the studio or on-location, squeezed into a short interview in a hotel room PR session or captured in a more public place, the famous faces of the world always hold some inner strength for viewers.

Authors, directors, actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, artists and other activists; Rob's long career has given him a back-stage view and access to some of the most influential and famous faces of the last thirty years.

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